MBQ Qualitätssicherungs GmbH

Quality assurance/inspections

welding supervisor and testing supervisor SFI, SFM, ndt level 3 and 2
receiving inspection, expediting...

Quality assurance

  • consultancy in setting up, implementation and implementation management systems
  • preparation of test and work instructions, beams protection instructions, management manuals and welding procedure
  • preparation and execution of supplier audits
  • preparation of certifications and accreditations
  • training of personnel (QM/occupational health and safety/SCC)
  • advice on the legal protection of work and health radiation protection
  • consulting for the integration of the QM system in ongoing production processes
  • actual state analysis of existing documentation (occupational health and safety, radiation protection, testing and testing, work instructions)
  • welding and inspection systems (SFI, SFM, ndt level 3 and level 2)