MBQ Qualitätssicherungs GmbH

Non destructive testing

Accredited to DIN ISO/IEC 17025
for the testingmethodsmethods RT, UT, MT, PT, VT...

Radiographic examination

  • x-ray tubes (up to 200 kV)
  • isotope Se 75/Ir 192
  • digital radiography

Dry penetrant

  • red-and-white test
  • fluorescent testing
  • penetration test (leak detection)

Vacuum testing

  • sewn seams, round seams, throat seams

Ultrasonic testing

  • impulse processing
  • coating thickness measurement
  • digital wall thickness measurement
  • b-scan (corrosion removal determination)
  • e-module determination
  • HIC examinations
  • Phased-Array

Visual examination